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CIP can be ordered every working day between 8.00 and 14.00 in the Technical Department or by email

Before the release of any publication CIP (cataloguing-in-publication) must be acquired. CIP must be arranged according to cataloguing rules. It consists of a bibliographic description and all records that identify the publication in all sorts of catalogues. CIP is put on the bottom of the copyright page, separated from other data and in the form, in which it was created by the institution in charge.  

 The CIP record is created by the University of Maribor Library or by the National and University Library Ljubljana in the shortest possible time (i.e. at latest within three working days). This service is free of charge.

All monographs and publications have got CIP.

For CIP we need:

  • the last corrected copy;
  • inner title page;
  • other front pages;
  • indexes;
  • colophon.

Suitable data for publication identification:

  • title, subtitle;
  • reference to author, translator, illustrator, organiser, author of the preface;
  • reference to on edition or print; 
  • publisher place/places;
  • publisher/publishers;
  • publishing year;
  • pagination;
  • supplements;
  • series title, counting within the series;
  • original title (in translations).

The Law on Legal Deposit and its supplements order the following data that have to be in a colophon:

  • publication name and title, in translations also the original name and title; 
  • ISBN, ISSN, ISMN or any other international publication mark;
  • title and name of the copyright holder;
  • reference to edition, print, reprint, supplement... ;
  • author’s name and surname;
  • publisher’s personal name and address or company name and address;
  • publishing year;
  • printing year;
  • number of copies;
  • publication’s retail price (for books and periodicals, if the price is not printed on the publication);
  • and reference to a public financier, if the publication was published with the help of public finances.

The Library does not guard for the correctness of the data submitted for CIP.

Before CIP is created you have to provide the ISBN or ISSN. You can get it in the National and University Library Ljubljana.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is an international numbering system for publication with the purpose of a onetime and unmistakable identification of each title in the international database.

ISBN is issued for:

  • books and brochures;
  • publications on different media;
  • didactic sets;
  • books on cassettes and CDs;
  • computer programmes;
  • electronic publications;
  • Micro-forms; 
  • publications in Braille writing;
  • maps designed for book market. 

ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is a standardised international mark for a one-time and unmistakable identification of a serial publication. It enables publication’s identification, regardless to where in the world it is published.

ISSN is issued for:

  • periodical books of proceedings of institutions, conferences, congresses etc.; 
  • yearly publications (yearly reports, yearly programmes, annals, chronicles, yearbooks…);
  • book series (ISSN is issued for the common series title, each individual monograph within the series gets its own ISBN);
  • professional and information bulletins;
  • professional and scientific journals;
  • general journals and magazines;
  • newspapers (daily newspapers, weekly newspapers and others).

More information can be found on the National and University Library Ljubljana homepage (založniki).