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General Maister's Library


Vlasta Stavbar, Ph.D.
Phone: (02) 25 07 434

Tours and presentations:
by appointment


General Rudolf Maister was not only a general and a poet, but also lover of the Slovene literature and books. His love for collecting book grew into an extensive private library with almost 6000 units. Janko Glazer, a poet, Slavicist and librarian, wrote in 1934 about the library: “The library is rich in contents and is distinguished by beautiful and carefully selected furniture. This fact also implicates that its owner was a real bibliophile.” 

(Janko Glaser, Rudolf Maister – Vojanov kot pesnik. IN: Kronika slovenskih mest 1,1934, št. 4, str. 264.)

General Maister’s Library is one of the Local History Department special collections. It is an example of “one of the largest and most beautiful private libraries in Slovenia” and therefore the University of Maribor provides a suitable shelter and proudly shows it to its visitors.

Vlasta Stavbar